Jennifer Knight


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 COTTONWOOD, California
(530) 921-2861
"Who remembers when?? Who remembers pulling out a box or album filled with photos and enjoying the memories?? You and whoever else was in the house sat on the floor, or on the couch or around the dining room table....laughing, crying, smiling and remembering those funny, serious and precious moments captured by photos. Have you done it recently?? Or has it be a year or two or decades ago?? Technology has made it   easy to take photos and share them in cyberspace, but enjoying them, laughing and crying over them... Who has a "photo moment" to share??"  

It is all about experiences right?? And since we're now raising the first generation of children not experiencing the printed photo...I believe we need to help people remember their own photo experiences, so they don't deprive their children and grandchildren of them.
As an Ahni & Zoe Consultant, I can help you put your beloved pictures into photos into albums that are safe for your pictures and fast to put together.   The albums that we have are perfect for those of you who say " I am not creative enough" or " I just don't have the time!" The Albums are pre-designed and easy to to put together. Perfect for the busy Mom or busy woman.   I truly believe in the products that Ahni & Zoe sell and I want to share their products with you, your family and friends!    
I joined Ahni & Zoe because I saw how sharing memories – photos, stories, feelings, mementos – connects families and friends. I wanted more fun in my life, I wanted to make some money and I thought it would be great to meet some new people & make new friends!

I've found that your business can be whatever you want it to be…whether you want to get out of the house a few times a month or make it a full-time career. You get to define what success looks like. It’s 100% flexible, and the rewards you get are directly proportional to the effort you choose to put in. How many ‘regular’ jobs can say that?

I encourage you to give it a try! I’d love to hear about all of the things you’d like more of, and share the ways Ahni & Zoe can help you get them!